/How to Connect X Rocker Gaming Chair with TV and Gaming System?
x rocker gaming chair

How to Connect X Rocker Gaming Chair with TV and Gaming System?

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Entertainment is vital in everyone’s life and the evolving modes of entertainment over the span of time are the evidence. With growing technology, gaming and gaming gadgets have taken over the entertainment industry majorly. The teenagers add youngsters are into the trending games for excitement and relaxation from their as usual busy life. The increasing interest and engagement of people turning into gamers have led to the innovations in gaming industry. The reason is youth always wants something new, entertaining, thrilling and exciting. The latest thrilling add-on in the gaming platform is the X Rocker gaming chair

The most comfortable gaming chair

X Rocker is amongst the leading comfortable chairs for gaming across nations. These chairs are extremely comfortable along with the broad range of features such as vibration, multilink connectivity and wireless sound transmission.

Connecting an X Rocker Gaming Chair to Television

If you have recently bought the X Rocker gaming chair, the big question arises – How to set it up? An importable notable point is be it whichever gaming chair, the key factor remains redirecting the gaming chair with a sound source.

Two common sound sources are:


Audio output – Compatible red and white jacks at the back of TV connected to the gaming chairs audio cables.

Analog audio output – – Compatible red and white jacks at the back of TV connected with the gaming chairs audio cables.

Headphone Jack – Found at the front of TV and audio cables of gaming chairs are compatible.

Gaming System

AV/component or standard RCA cable(s) – Compatible cables with the gaming chairs audio cables.

HDMI Cable – Not compatible with gaming chair audio cables.

Step by Step Procedure of Connection

First, let us discuss the connection process of a wireless X Rocker gaming chair to your television:

Verify the sound source as aforesaid.

Get the pack of audio cables and transmitter handy.

Take the shorter audio cable, green end should be inserted into the transmitter’s input jack and the opposite end into the audio source.

Pay attention at the frequency, it is essential for the transmitter’s band frequency to the that of the chair

Turn on the X Rocker gaming chair and transmitter.

Now, know how to connect the wireless gaming chair model to a game system with help of the component cable:

Unplug the red and white wires from the backside of your TV and plug them in to B3 barrel adaptors.

Connect the B6 green end to the transmitter’s input jack.

Like TV, both the frequencies should match

Turn on the chair system and transmitter.

With help of the HDMI cable:

Plug in the component cable adjacent to the HDMI cable.

HDMI cable is used only for video

Plug the white and red wires into the B3 barrel adaptors, B6 cable must be linked to open ends of the adaptors.

Connect the green end of B6 to the transmitter’s input jack.

Turn on the chair and transmitter.

Standard Gaming Chair Model

In these types of budget gaming chair, cables are the only receiving sound source as they lack wireless option.

Now, let’s know the right way to connect to a standard model gaming chair. The setting up process is same as wireless model except the use of transmitter. In place of the transmitter, the B1 cable from the chair is run to the sound source input of TV or game system.

Possible complications

You might find some compatibility issues as a result of the fast pacing technology evolvements. The old stereo connectors are replaced by HDMI. It delivers great but there are some X Rocker gaming chairs designed with the old stereo connector RCA which creates a problem for the gamers to choose between the RCA based gaming system and HDMI gaming system.

The suggested solution

In the market, you will find a device called HDMI Audio Extractor. You can connect it to your game system through the HDMI input of the converter or extractor with another cable connected to the HDMI’s output of the TV. Finally, you need to use the RCA cables of the X Rocker to connect it to the converter.