/Where to Find a Reputed Boarding School in Uttarakhand?

Where to Find a Reputed Boarding School in Uttarakhand?

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In India, there are many internationally recognized residential schools providing education since British rule. Among many reputed boarding schools in Uttarakhand, you can find some of the finest schools in Dehradun, Nainital and Mussoorie.

Uttarakhand is known for its boarding schools offering world class amenities and education faculties to the students.. The state is considered as one of the best educational hub in India. It has a long history of supporting boarding schools in its educational system. India’s some of the best boarding schools are located in Uttarakhand. Dehradun, Nainital and Mussoorie are the most preferred destinations when it comes to choosing boarding school in Uttarakhand. These renowned cities have some of finest boarding schools that have been providing quality education to the students since the British era.

The search for a top boarding school

The search for a good residential school is a tough job for thousands of parents looking for the best for their children. Many parents look for the international standard education with boarding facility in the country. In the hunt for good school, millions of students and parents are forced to struggle hard to find the relevant information and the right sources to fulfill their desires of availing better education. Amidst the various locations in India, Uttarakhand is widely recognized for its world class boarding schools. The state has some of the highly acclaimed world-class residential schools that attract the students from all over India and abroad.

Boarding schools in Uttarakhand provide international class education and boarding facilities at competitive price. The best residential schools provide a safe and fulfilling environment helping students to flourish academically and socially. It is important for parents to select the best boarding school for their children in order to provide them with better school education and thus helping them to prepare for their future.

Internationally acclaimed education

Over the years, the purpose of boarding schools has changed a lot, as well as the policies and methods involved in running and managing them. Uttarakhand is home to many boarding schools that are world renowned.  Among various boarding schools in Uttarakhand, Col Brown Cambridge School (CBS) is one of the most renowned English medium and residential schools. It is one of the top ranking residential schools for boys, which was established in March 1926. The school with its world class education, boarding facilities and peaceful environment attracts the students not only from different parts of India but from foreign countries too.

Hobby classes including painting, woodwork, drama, photography and music, sports including hockey, soccer, cricket, basketball, volleyball, tennis, badminton and other indoor games and co-curricular activities including dramatics, music, art, debates, elocution, quiz and essay competitions etc form an integral part of the school routine with regular house competitions.

Through the various school activities, students are helped to bring out their innate talents be it vocal, instrumental or otherwise. The best residential schools provide students with excellent school environment and facilities, and thus maximize their chances of success. You can explore the list of quite a good number of boarding schools in Uttarakhand affiliated to the varied boards.