/Know the Simple Tricks for Sparkling Clean Floors

Know the Simple Tricks for Sparkling Clean Floors

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To maintain proper cleanliness in your house and office is should be regarded something of the utmost priority as it decides how healthy and hygienic you and your family are. How often do you carry out thorough cleaning of your house – every day, one a week or more? Well, to have clean floor reflects your investment is preserved for long. If you fail to maintain proper cleanliness by dumping wastes regularly, better call professionals for rubbish removal in Sydney.

In this blog, we have brought you some effective cleansing ways that help in keeping the floors clean and hygienic. Read on!

Trust Vinegar

Vinegar is amongst household items that serve in the best way when it comes to cleaning floors. It is the easiest way to have shining floors everyday – Simply add three cups of vinegar solution to half a gallon of warm water and mop the floors.

There have been numerous positive responses from people who tried this natural way to keep their floors clean. Vinegar is capable of removing stains like various chemical products available in the market. As you let the floor dry, you will feel great breathing in a place so clean and attractive.

Ammonia can help

In a life so busy and scheduled, it is likely to spill things on floor when in hurry. Spilling can easily dry leaving stains and marks on the floor. Before this happens, it is advised to wipe the area clean. Remember not to rub the area with hard objects.

Using sharp objects on the floors can result in severe damage to the area turning it unattractive and of course you are responsible for the repair. Why not try something easy and effective? Ammonia can be a great option to remove hard stains, however, ensure the windows of your home are open.

Note: Ammonia works successfully on almost every hard surface but marble floors.

 Try waxing

Finally, here’s a way to turn your floors shinier and cleaner – wax paper. Using wax paper, you will definitely see your floors neat and glossy. Wipe the area of your floors with wax paper and mop it dry. The number of wax paper you would require is decided by the area of your house floors. For proper maintenance of these floors, keep the grouts clean as they can easily get dirty as soon as deposits collect. Use sealants for the purpose because you can reapply it whenever required.

Tips on maintaining clean and attractive floors

With respect to floor maintenance, here are some tips you can consider:

  • Do not drag heavy furniture on the floors, regardless the floor type.
  • Wipe any spills as soon as possible to avoid hard stains.
  • Do not let rubbish spilled around, maintain timely waste disposal.

Heavy items tend to leave small crevices and scratches which invite durst and dirt to settle in them. To get away from all these worry, call Hygiene Plus Australia for professional rubbish cleaning and add to your floor maintenance at home.